Iran-deal decertification looming?

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WASHINGTON – President Trump long has criticized the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration. Now it appears he is poised to decertify it, turning the issue over to Congress to begin to address.

The president is expected Friday to declare to Congress that retaining the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is no longer in the U.S. national interest.

The deadline for the president to recertify the deal is on Saturday.

This in itself does not mean the deal will collapse.

U.S. lawmakers will have 60 days to decide whether they want to reimpose the sanctions Washington had suspended.

The administration specifically wants to renegotiate the provisions on inspections. The United States reportedly wants them to expand access to Iran’s military sites and to curtail Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle

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