Interesting Comic Book Movies You Forgot About

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Interesting Comic Book Movies You Forgot About

From movies that became cult classics … to flicks that bombed faster than a speeding bullet … Here are 17 interesting comic book movies you forgot about

#17 Elektra
A lot of people thought it was surprising that this 2005 movie starring Jennifer Garner was made at all. It was based on a character from Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie two years earlier, and that effort didn’t have the best reputation. But while Daredevil received mixed reviews, it made enough money to green-light this spin-off. Unfortunately, the story of assassin Elektra Natchios taking on a criminal organization called The Hand was a critical and commercial failure. Ironically, the failure of Elektra convinced 20th Century Fox not to proceed with a planned Daredevil sequel.

#16 Steel
Well, this 1997 superhero flick was likely forgotten for a reason. But it’s so cheesy that we had to give it a spot. The character is based on a DC Comics superhero who was introduced during the Death of Superman storyline published in the early 1990s. In the movie, John Henry Irons creates a suit of powered armor to fight bad guys committing crimes with technology he created. Long story short, the film cratered at the box office and drew scathing reviews. As for star Shaquille O’Neal (which rhymes with Steel). Let’s just say that as an actor he made an awesome basketball player.

#15 Supergirl (1984)
Today, the Maid of Might has found her niche with the CW TV series. But back in 1984 she had her own major motion picture. Unfortunately, it sank at the box office faster than a speeding bullet. Time hasn’t treated this one so kindly. And it might be one of the movies on our list that might best be forgotten entirely. But it does lay claim to the dubious distinction of being practically the only comic book film to feature a super-powered female protagonist, at least for its time. Did you know that Supergirl star Helen Slater has had a recurring role as Kara Zor-El’s adoptive mother in the TV show?

#14 Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD
These days you can’t even imagine anyone but Samuel L Jackson playing Nick Fury, right? But back in 1998, SHIELD’s boss was portrayed by none other than David Hasselhoff! The TV movie aired on Fox, and featured Fury and company taking on the hordes of HYDRA. While this effort in no way measures up to MCU standards, a lot of people find it worthwhile just to see how differently the subject matter was treated.

#13 Mystery Men
Before the Avengers, there was another team of superheroes called the Mystery Men. The movie featured a cast that included Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, and Paul Reubens. The comedy focused on an assemblage of lesser known superheroes with unimpressive powers. For instance, Invisible Boy’s power only works when no one is looking at him, while the Spleen has super flatulence. The flick didn’t seem to strike the right chord in 1999, and pretty much collapsed at the box office. A lot of people still think Mystery Men deserved a better fate. What do you think?

#12 Swamp Thing
This 1982 release was based on the DC Comics character and involved the story of Alec Holland. He was a scientist working on a top secret bioengineering project to develop a plant-animal hybrid that can withstand extreme environments. When rival factions try to steal the formula, he’s caught in the crossfire and covered in chemicals. Holland stumbles into the swamp, where he mutates into a hybrid of plant and animal called the Swamp Thing. This flick got some decent reviews and was directed by Wes Craven, who is best known for creating the “Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchise. In 2019, Swamp Thing had a TV revival but the series only lasted 10 episodes before being cancelled.

#11 The Phantom
This 1996 flick wasn’t actually based on a comic book, but a comic strip. It started in 1936 and it’s still running in 2019! The story involves Kit Walker, who represents the 21st generation in a lineage of crime fighters known as the Phantom. They’re based in the jungles of Bangalla, a fictional African nation. The movie was set in 1938, and featured a sometimes uneven mix of action and humor that didn’t seem to resonate with audiences at the time of release. Since then, it’s become a cult favorite on home video. Did you know that the Phantom comic strip had more than 100 million daily readers at the height of its popularity,?

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