India’s children should be able to pursue their dreams

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Dalits are the group formerly known as the ‘untouchables’ in India.Reuters

When Shanmugam Anitha hanged herself in her home early this September, she had already accomplished theimpossible.

The 17-year-old had recently obtained a near perfect score (1,176 out of 1,200) in her state board exams and was the only student in her district to get a perfect score in physics and maths.

She was a remarkable student, whose academic excellence distinguished her above millions — perhaps even tens of millions — of students across India. But it was her story of overcoming incredible adversity that impacted me the most.

Anitha was the sole daughter of a Dalit day labourer from an inconspicuous village in Tamil Nadu, India. She grew up without a mother, and was raised by her grandmother in a cramped shack of a house shared with half-a-dozen other family members. The house lacked a working toilet and, for

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