INCREDIBLE Discoveries in North America

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North America is home to many mysterious civilizations and artifacts that have been left over from tribes who inhabited the land 1000’s of years ago. As time went by cowboys and even pirates would leave their mark on this continent and not be discovered until centuries later. From a massive shipwreck in our great lakes to pioneers preserved by the dryness of the arizona desert, here are incredible discoveries in North murica’

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6. Iowa Mammoth
Imagine being a young lad and already making cooler discoveries than some archaeologists who have a masters degree in the subject! This frightening discovery of a Mammoth skeleton must have shocked these homeowners from Iowa in 2010 in the town of Oskaloosa. While the father and son duo were picking berries on their property, one of the boys thought they saw a ball in the distance. It turned out not to be a ball but a 4 foot wooly mammoth femur bone that we see in this photo. Hopefully, they don’t leave the bones around too long or the family dog might decide to start chewing on them! The bone discovery is said to date back to 12,000 years ago and the family uncovered an addition 20 plus bones at the site.The femur was sent to a lab in the University of Iowa and further excavating was done, revealing an entire skeleton except the skull.

5. Saddle ridge Hoard
An extremely lucky couple hit the jackpot when they stumbled across a historic find on their property in 2013. Northern California was home to the gold rush and so much gold was uncovered at this time that someone found the need to stash it. As they were walking their dog, they stumbled across 10 million dollars worth of rare, mint-condition coins buried next to a tree. Each of the 1427 piece treasure dated from 1847 to 1894 was authenticated by the co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, David Hall. And they all check out as authentic! Some are so rare that they could actually fetch a price of 1 million each! And you thought stumbling across a 20 dollar bill made you lucky!

4. Native Bronze
Possibly the most mysterious artifact found in Alaska date back to 1400 years ago. It’s a bronze buckle found at Cape Espenberg that appears to have made it’s way there from China, well before the Bering Strait land bridge melted. Could the natives in this area have actually made contact with the Chinese! It appeared to have been older than the house they were originally excavating at least a few hundred year and metal crafting was really never apart of eskimo culture. Some believe that it’s likely that the ancient artifact was dropped by a Russian explorer or a whaler. But if that’s not the case, it could be evidence of an advanced trade route between Asia and Alaska during the Bronze age.

3. Luke Air Force Base Discoveries
From 2012 to 2015, archaeologists uncovered a treasure trove of native american artifacts that date back to 3000 BC, including an ancient dwelling. Many of the discoveries they made are at least 1000 years older than other artifacts found in the Phoenix, Arizona valley. Many of the artifacts belong to the hohokam people who inhabited the southwestern united states but a lot of the stuff predates them by 2000 years. This means that they could have belong to that tribes ancestors and they’re being closely analyzed. Other artifacts like stone tools here help them narrow down the timeline of when they had access to corn and ways to cultivate their own food. Could other air force bases out there be hiding some artifacts from ancient people who once lived on this land?

2. The Mojave Nugget
The largest known golden nugget found in California is known as the Mojave nugget and it was found in 1977 by a prospector Ty Paulsen. Weighing in at 4.9 kilograms it’s worth roughly 205,800 dollars with the current price of gold! Who knew a hobby could result in such a life changing discovery. The massive chunk of gold ore was found near Randsburg, California which as had a history of gold mining since 1895 when gold was first discovered. Ty Paulsen is certainly happy no other pioneer was able to find this chunk of metal! It was apparently so heavy, that a special gold scale had to be created for this specific specimen. It was donated to the natural history museum of los angeles county which seems like one heck of a donation! Instead of playing the lottery, you might as well just buy a metal detector and get to work


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