In search of honest, smart, independent people

America is in need of honest, smart, independent people. Our future is grim unless we can find some, in a hurry.

We have plenty of dishonest, ignorant, ideological people. It is hard to know which should come first in that list. Are people ideological because they are ignorant, or are they dishonest because they are ideological, or are they ideological and therefore lose the capacity to be either smart or honest?

By ideological I mean completely captured by their partisan loyalty or worldview. Add to that a desperate hatred of the partisan loyalty and worldview of the other side. Add to that a commitment to win each day’s battle by any means necessary. We are good, they are evil, and the stakes are ultimate. Facts inconvenient to my side gaining victory must be obfuscated or brushed aside. When in doubt, shout louder.

After awhile, the pure ideologue becomes incapable even of processing data

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