In Saudi Arabia Never Dance With The One Who Brung You

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Never Dance With The One Who Brung Ya, at least not in Saudi Arabia. Six schoolgirls went to a party, and apparently danced with their boyfriends without the proper supervision getting them in trouble with the high court, who, upon hearing the testimony passed the case to a higher court i.e. execution!

Where in a civilized society does this fit in. Oh, my bad, it’s not a civilized society, it’s Muslims.  The religion of peace, probably called that because they leave pieces of the populace all over the town square at the slightest provocation. And these are the “nice” Muslims. Our “friends!” Our very own hook nose oil billionaires squeezing ever dollar they can out of the shifting sands of Islam. That, and they enjoy beheading little girls.

You cannot police the world, but something such as this can’t be ignored. And don’t tell me about the UN! I’m

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