In only a few years, this man moved mountains

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David Brainerd

Born in Haddam, Connecticut, April 20, 1718, his parents died while he was a young teenager. He attempted farming, but on July 12, 1739, he had an experience with God of “unspeakable glory” that gave him a “hearty desire to exalt Him, to set Him on the throne and to ‘seek first His Kingdom.’”

This was colonial Indian missionary, David Brainerd.

A Connecticut law forbade the appointment of ministers unless they graduated from Harvard, Yale or a European institution, so in 1740, David Brainerd began attending Yale. He soon began to show symptoms of tuberculosis.

When Great Awakening preachers George Whitefield, Gilbert Tennent, Ebenezer Pemberton and James Davenport began spreading spiritual enthusiasm, tension emerged at Yale between faculty and students.

In 1741, Yale trustees decreed that “if any student of this College shall … say, that the Rector … Trustees or tutors are hypocrites, carnal or

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