I converted from Christianity to Islam in captivity, says released al-Qaeda hostage

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A British-South African captive who was held hostage by the terrorist group al-Qaeda for nearly six years, said he entered captivity as a Christian but in time converted to Islam – for which he received better treatment. A fellow hostage said they also used ‘conversion’ to try and survive.

Stephen McGown said that he became a Muslim during his time in al-Qaeda’s captivity.Youtube

Stephen McGown, 42 was speaking to press in Johannesburg yesterday, just 10 days after being released, according to The Telegraph.

Held in Mali, West Africa for nearly six years by al-Qaeda, McGowan said he converted to Islam to help him survive.

‘Before the desert, I was a Christian. They did not force me. I entered (Islam) of my own accord,’ said a long-haired and bearded McGown. He said that after converting religion he received better food and better treatment.

The ex-captive added: ‘I see many good things

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