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HUGE Chinese MEGA Cities!

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China seems to becoming more and more powerful each and every day and it seems as though they’re beginning to get the upper hand when it comes to thriving cities. They’ve shown that they’re capable of building taller skyscrapers than ever before with many of their cities having a population well over 10 million people. From the city where they probably made it in china, to a populated area as big as austria, here unbelievable chinese mega cities!

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Considered to be the censorship capital of the world, China’s internet information and social media providers outsource their work from Beijing to Tianjin to reduce costs. This labor intensive job has given the city a lot of work which allows for many workers to move to town. It’s also considered to be very diverse for a Chinese city that includes minorities such as the Koreans, Mongols, and Manchu People. Located in Northern China, there’ s an estimated 12 million inhabitantsand is the 4th largest city in the world. For a long period of time, it was ruled for foreign imperialists until many anticaptials began to seize control in the early 1900’s. In modern times, it’s bustling metropolis with people comparing it to China’s Manhattan.

Another massive city in southern China, Shenzhen maintains close ties to their cantonese neighbors in Hong Kong. They are however, gaining the economical advantage as they’ve recently surpassed Singapore and Hong Kong in GDP growth recently. They are also taught to embrace things about capitalism yet still under the guise of socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Tourism is begining to boom in the area as more and Chinese begin to gain expendable income. Some have considered it to be in the top 10 places to visit in 2019. With a population of about 12.5 million, it’s easily on our list as a chinese mega city.

4.Guangzhou guang-jo
Located not too far away from shenzhen is another metropolis located on the pearl river that’s the capital and most populous city of Guangdong province in southern China and that’s Guangzhou. With an estimated 14.9 million people, many residents from Southeast asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa flock to Guangdzhou to make it a global city. A seemingly unknown opera house in the city of Guangzhou was completed in 2010 which cost over 200 million dollars to construct.The theater became the biggest performing center in southern China and shows the dedication to China’s growing arts program.This unique building as been praised by critics around the world for its unique modern look and its contribution to the city’s skyline. It’s also well known for the Canton Tower which soars 1900 feet into the sky which made it the tallest building in China until 2013.

You better believe the capital of China is going to make our list with roughly 21 million residents. It’s home to the Forbidden City which is possibly the most iconic palace in all of Asia. The Forbidden City was built from 1406 to 1420 as the imperial palace of the Ming dynasty all the way until the Qing dynasty in 1912. The cultural architecture displayed here has made it an extremely important historical site and is now home to a museum which 14 million tourists visit each year to see the priceless artifacts such as porcelain vases from the ming dynasty. Make sure you grab yourself some peking duck and enjoy the large variety chinese food here. Expats have given rave reviews about living here saying it’s not as dangerous or crowded as people think. Air pollution though can get a bit out of control on some days which result in people wearing surgical masks, especially during “red alerts”.

About 20 years ago, Shanghai was a large city but still somewhat lacking a modern infrastructure. In 1964, there was a meager population of only 10.8 million people but with China’s emerging economy, it’s now the largest city in China with a population of 26 million! It’s going to have some pretty cool new modern structures. When buildings are normally covered up in clouds, you know they are getting pretty tall. The shanghai financial center is the 9th tallest completed building in the world scraping the skies at 1,614 feet tall. What’s also impressive about this is that most of it is a complete building, with rooms from the bottom to the top. Construction on this, took 10 years and was officially opened in 2008. You gotta wonder if they’re trying to see what Americans are up to from all the way up there. The shanghai stock exchange is also starting to have increasing influence over the global capital market . It doesn’t really seem like american cities are keeping up with China’s and we could be in some big trouble if we don’t start to advance


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