How Trade Tariffs Screw Over the Little Guy (Aluminum Foil Edition)

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Hit and Run Reason

Donald Trump’s protectionist tariffs against Chinese aluminum will double the price of a very widely used product: aluminum foil.

Donald Trump, Twitter, ReasonDonald Trump ran for president as a protectionist and is ruling like one. From former Reason Editor Virginia Postrel comes news of a massive hike on aluminum from China:

The Commerce Department has said it will impose preliminary duties of 97 percent to 162 percent on the Chinese imports that supply much of the U.S. market with thin aluminum foil. That’s likely to have much more far-reaching effects on U.S. companies than the minor deals President Donald Trump announced on his trip to China.

Aluminum-foil buyers, many of them swing-state manufacturers, are reeling at the size of the duties, which would at least double the price of Chinese foil.

Think about how much stuff you buy uses aluminum

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