‘Horrific’ TV show inspiring suicide, says filmmaker

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Evangelist Ray Comfort, the maker of a new film on suicide that emphasizes the value of life, is warning that the Netflix series on suicide, “13 Reasons Why,” goes the wrong direction on the issue of self-destruction by teens, which has engulfed communities and even has drawn concern in the left-leaning Rolling Stone.

Comfort points to the Netflix series’ portrayal of suicide through a character named Hannah Baker, who leaves behind 13 tapes for her friends.

“She doesn’t jump off a bridge, leaving what happened to her to the imagination,” Comfort told WND. “Rather, she sits in a bathtub fully clothed, takes a razor blade, and slits her wrists lengthwise.”

He continued: “I forced myself to watch the scene, and even though I know it’s only acting, with special effects, I found it horrific. It brought me to tears.”

His concern is also raised by Alexa Curtis in Rolling Stone.

“Despite the

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