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HIDDEN Secrets of Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham palace is certainly one of the most iconic structures in the united kingdom and everybody wishes they could somehow get an invite. And if they don’t they might still end up finding a way to get in anyway. We might not know everything that happens inside but there certainly some things on this list that might surprise you. From the queens wine selection, to secret rooms hidden inside, here are secrets from buckingham palace.

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5.Princess Diana
Princess Diana tragically lost her life in August of 1997 and many still feel as though there is much mystery surrounding her downfall.The night diana’s car crashed, the traffic cameras mysteriously weren’t working. Right before the accident took place, Diana was about to get married to someone lacking royal blood you can say. An egyptian man named Dodi Fayed, despite there being pressure for her to stay married to the future king PrinceCharles. There were also some rumors swirling around that she was pregnant on top of it. A man named Paul Barrel, the coroner, was ordered to give up a letter where Princess Diana had predicted her demise and there was a plot to assassinate her. She also claimed that if she ended up in the accident, it would likely be in the hands of MI6, which is the English secret intelligence service. The father of the man Henri Paul, the driver of the car, still holds firm to his belief that his son was collateral damage in a plot against the princess. What do you believe

4.Fully Equipped Doctor’s Office
The health of the royal family is a priority and being really important people will come with some perks. Not only do they have a staff of over 300 people to cater to every wimb, they also have a fully equipped doctors office that’s capable of everything from minor checkups to whatever is needed to give birth to a baby. Not only is it used for the royal family but also for anyone who might get injured or sick while on the premises and if you don’t have health insurance, don’t even consider coming here. It’s said that the average price per patient here is about 113 pounds which is nearly twice the price for the average patient. This means that they’re paying for the best of the best to take care of any health issues. It also helps keep the health issues of the private so the media doesn’t start to trip out.

3.Palace Gardens
Many people don’t always realize it but the Buckingham Palace Gardens are some of the largest privately owned gardens in the world. The gardens are typically used for parties and things of that nature. They take up an area about the size of 30 american football fields, and are filled with trees, and various species of the national flower. It’s divided into 3 different sections: the rose garden which is positioned in the north, the Harrisons which is comprised of the big grass lawn, and an area known as the yard which has its own 3 acre man-made lake. It’s home to 83 species of birds and 2500 different species of insects, including the tortoiseshell butterfly. Every year about 50000 guests get invited and are entertained at the garden parties. It’s estimated that there are over 350 species of wildflowers that grow here, some of which are extremely rare.

2.Victoria Memorial
Could you imagine Buckingham Palace without the the Victoria Memorial? It almost wasn’t built here but an elaborate sculpture here seems to make this place just a little more special. The victoria memorial which stands outside the gates of the palace and was built in 1911 but wasn’t fully completed until 1924 with the addition to the bronze statue. The whole thing stands about 25 meters high which is about 82 feet or so. It depicts a winged victory statue which is standing on top of a globe and has the victors palm in one hand. The bottom part is made from solid marble while the top is made from bronze. The marble was cut from a 40 pound block. Descendants of queen victoria went to the dedication and inauguration ceremony that went on for about 30 minutes. It remains the tallest statue made to a queen or king in England and is also decorated with nautical characters to celebrate England’s powerful navy. The monument weighs a total of 2300 tons and is 104 feet wide. A number of different sites were suggested such as the westminster abbey and a park near the palace of westminster but this seemed like the most appropriate place for it.
Built Over a River


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