Hey Trump, Maybe Take a Bite Out of Federal Food Regulations: New at Reason

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The push to pare back oppressive rules seems to be missing the FDA and USDA.

Douliery Olivier/Sipa USA/NewscomPresident Donald Trump and his administration are touting efforts to scale back irksome federal regulations, but food policy expert Baylen Linnekin isn’t having it. When it comes to the federal agencies that oversee food regulations, it seems like business as usual:

Consider, for example, that Trump made a campaign pledge to kick the “FDA food police” out of Washington. His controversial executive order mandating that agencies revoke two regulations for every new one they seek to adopt could be used as a tool to accomplish just that.

But like seemingly everything else Trump, his pledges and orders resemble little more than some sort of chintzy window dressing.

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, appointed by Trump, appears not even to share the Trump administration’s purported zeal

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