H.G. Wells: From skeptic to believer

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H.G. Wells

“New Jersey is being invaded by Martians!” exclaimed actor Orson Welles. He was reading the script of a 1938 radio drama based on the novel “The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells, who died Aug. 13, 1946.

Herbert George Wells was from an impoverished lower middle class family. He failed as a draper and chemist assistant before going into literature. H.G. Wells wrote many best-selling science fiction novels, such as:

“The Time Machine,” 1895 “The Island of Doctor Moreau,” 1896 “The Invisible Man,” 1897 “The War of the Worlds,” 1898 “The First Men in the Moon,” 1901

In 1899, at age 16, Robert Goddard read the space books of H.G. Wells, climbed a cherry tree on his family’s farm and gazed at the stars. Goddard was inspired to go on to become the father of modern rocketry.

President Ronald Reagan referred to Goddard and Wells in

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