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Stadiums are built to contain a lot of spectators so we can watch sporting events that help us take our minds off of political affairs or whatever is causing stress. People can just sit down, relax, have a beer and go to a ball game. But many of these stadiums that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build are slowly beginning to rot away and don’t seem to be such a happy place anymore. Could it be from a lack of attendance? People not being able to afford ticket prices or because of a collapse of an empire?! Today we’re gonna take a look at 12 Creepiest Abandoned Stadiums Around the World.

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5.The Colosseum
We might not always think about it, but many of the historical landmarks have survived incredible circumstances ranging from warfare, natural disasters and just being extremely old! There’s reasons why only 1 of the 7 ancient wonders of world are left standing and we only see a fraction of the great historical landmarks that once existed on Earth The Colosseum is a perfect example. It was primarily used for gladiatorial fights and could fit an estimated 87,000 people. It was constructed in the first century AD and it’s lucky to exist. In the year 296 A D, lightning struck the wooden floor of the arena and much of the enormous amphitheatre was set ablaze by mother nature. If that didn’t already seem unlucky enough lightning struck again but didn’t catch on fire. In 455 AD, Rome was completely sacked by Barbarians from the north. It’s colossal size kept from lying in a pile of rubble but it was still relentlessly pillaged for loot. The colosseum we see today, is still only 2/3s of the original structure. .

4.Colisee Pepsi
This little stadium wasn’t quite as big as the coliseum of rome but it was certainly home to a well-liked Junior Hockey team known as the Quebec Remparts. It was originally built back in 1949 to bring Canadians of Quebec city a little bit of extra hockey. They would see some stars be born here before they would get to see playing time for the Montreal Canadiens. It would even host some international hockey games The attendance here was always jam packed to see the NHL great, Guy Lafleur, before he went pro. The colisee underwent some renovations in order to fit more people, adding about 5000 seats or so. The videotron centre opened up in 2015 right next door to the Colisee, rendering it essentially useless. There’s no date just yet for its demolition but it could be soon.

3. Metrodome Collapse
Apparently there is way too much snow in Minnesota! The huge amount of snow caused the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis to collapse as we can see in this video. Did the engineers not realize that minnesota gets an insane amount of snow every winter? Unlike the others in this list, there were no fatalities, just a lot of unhappy football fans, which is almost worse. It’s still a rather large engineering fail when you consider that this could have possibly happened during Snow began leaking though. Someone didn’t calculated the heavy winter storm into the blueprints. A new stadium was eventually built and they vikings played at the University field for a while. The US bank stadium is designed a little bit differently so it should be able to handle the next time that winter is coming.

2.Greer Stadium
GReer Stadium is located in Nashville, Tennessee on some historically important land where a civil war fort once stood. It was also home for some legendary MLB players before they would make it to the pros. The facility closed its doors in 2014 and eventually was demolished earlier this year in 2019. It was also one of the oldest stadiums ever used by a minor league team and was opened in 1978 for the team known as the Nashville Sounds. After time went by, the older standards didn’t quite meet the newer standards and everyone agreed that a new ballpark must replace it. During its first couple years, the park was extremely popular and an expansion quickly occured so that there could be more seats. Many renovations took place and it’s most recognizable feature was the guitar shaped scoreboard that we see here. In 2018, the park looked like an abandoned wasteland, with grass and weeds covering the infield dirt. You can still see a little bit of what’s left by checking out google maps where they still have it from their 2018 version. The next time google maps updates this region, it’ll be gone!


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