GREATEST Egyptian Tomb Discoveries

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MUmmies have been discovered all across the egyptian desert and it it’s lead to great insight on their ancient civilization. Advancements in technology have allowed for more and more tombs to be uncovered, allowing us to finally solve some mysteries. As more and more tombs began to get robbed, more creative methods of hiding unbelievable treasures of pharaohs were created. From the possible tomb of one of Egypt’s strangest kings, to massive sarcophagi that found in untouched burial sites, here are the greatest Egyptian tomb discoveries.

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5. Ramses IV Tomb
Although much of it was vandalized before the discovery, the tomb of Ramses the IV is extremely important to scholars and historians. It was decorated with scenes from the book of the dead, the Litany of Ra, the book of Heavens and so on. He was the fifth son of Ramses the 3rd and one of the grandsons of Ramses the great. Named as the royal prince of egypt at the age of 22, he wouldn’t get the chance to become pharaoh until later in life, only ruling for a period of about 6 years. At the time he became the ruler, egypt was beginning to decline from his grandfather’s’ powerful empire. He managed to hold onto the lands of palestine to the north and the copper mines of the sinai peninsula

4. Tomb of Seti I
The pharaoh seti the first was the son of ramses the first and father of Ramses the II which makes him a very important mummy. It’s believed that he ruled the land of egypt sometime around 1294 BC to 1279 BC. His name Seti would indicate some devotion to the evil brother of osiris in egyptian mythology. Set is the god all of things evil. This includes things such as storms, chaos, violence, invading armies and the desert. Seti profited from a various military campaigns in places like western Asia, Libya and Nubia and constructed a great temple in the city of Abydos where mysterious hieroglyphics have been discovered. Seti’s preserved tomb was discovered in 1817 in the valley of the kings and was the deepest of all new kingdom tombs. His massive sarcophagus was carved from one massive piece of stone and it was intricately decorated with various artwork. Due to the condition of the mummy, it appears as though he was no less than 40 years old when he passed away. It appears as though grave robbers had made it to the tomb first however but certainly couldn’t transport the massive sarcophagus The cause for it still remains unknown with no evidence of violence although it’s believed his head was removed from his coffin post mortem.

3. King Tut’s Tomb
We all know about king tut’s discovery but do you even know how much gold that guy was trying to bring with him to the afterlife? About 240 pounds of solid gold was the weight of the sarcophagus alone! Don’t forget his 24 pound funerary mask of solid gold which would be worth 4.5 million dollars by today’s gold prices in weight alone. If somehow it ended up on the black market it would easily go for billions in some kind of crazy auction. In 1923, they felt as though the price of the entire treasure was about 15 million dollars at that current time. But back then gas was also 30 cents a gallon. Anyone else thinking about trying to come after the riches might not get to enjoy the treasure, because there seems to be a curse!

2. Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple
Built by woman named queen Hatshepsut, she revolutionized architecture in Egypt by constructing this unbelievable funerary temple! She’s the 2nd confirmed female pharaoh and came into power by since her father’s, Thutmose I, was unable to bear a son. She often portrayed herself as a man and wore the ceremonial beard. Located in Deir el-Bahri, this temple complex is an example of perfect symmetry and was completed in the 15th century BC. For reasons still unclear to this day, her son Thutmose the III ordered his men to try to erase any written history of his mother. This including scratching out her name from monuments and even destroying many statues that sat at this remarkable temple. Here in this photo we see what used to be her image receiving a blessing from the god Amen-Re, that was completely carved out! Why he didn’t just go the next step of just completely destroying her greatest monument is still somewhat of a mystery. Unstable politics in Egypt as well as, foreign invading armies who occupied this country make it a wonder this places still exists.


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