Governments and Sin: The Proliferation of Government-Sponsored Sin


Sin has exploded.

Iniquity has so taken over daily life, it is no longer hidden from those who wish to be deceived about such things.

No longer do Americans have to book a flight to Las Vegas (Sin City) or some other far-away locale to partake in sin.

Now, every small town and hamlet has sin on practically every corner…

…and not just any sin but GOVERNMENT-APPROVED and ADMINISTERED Sin!

Gambling, drinking, drugs (and in some locales prostitution): all are not only approved by the government, they are RUN by the government. Broken families are not only government-approved, they are paid for by the government.

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Although sin is heavily-promoted as “fun,” it is little more than slavery, sorrow and sad circumstance.

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So,  sin has exploded, primarily promoted by the governments

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