Government anti-terror laws mean I have to vet clergy sermons says top head

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Even Church of England bishops have to be vetted for potentially extremist views, according to a top headmaster frustrated by ‘stifling’ health and safety rules.

Eastbourne College, whose head Tom Lawson said he had to vet clergy sermons.Education Sussex

Tom Lawson, head of Eastbourne college, said he had had to ask senior clergy including a bishop who preached at a confirmation service and Rev Stephen Grey, senior chaplain at Eton, for advance texts of their sermons.

Lawson said the measures were necessary to comply with the government’s anti-terror legislation.

According to the Daily Mail, he said the new Prevent strategies aimed at combating the spread of Islamist extremism were drowning schools in paperwork. He said he had been forced to check texts from Christian clergy because inspectors required schools to demonstrate that visiting speakers were suitable.

Critics of the Prevent strategy say it alienates Muslim communities, restricts freedom of expression

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