‘God is throwing a party, so why would you not want to come?’

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Throughout history, people have experienced life not as a straight line, but as a series of patterns. The progression of the seasons, the cycle of planting and harvesting and the movement of the heavenly bodies regulated the days and years of traditional societies.

Important days every year were marked by feasts and special celebrations, uniting communities as they commemorated important events in the sky and on Earth.

And as Genesis 1:14 states, the heavenly bodies are “for signs” as well as “for seasons,” and these patterns were established by God Himself.

While the Bible outlines several specific feasts which God intended His people to celebrate, Christians have become disconnected for two major reasons. First, most people no longer work in agriculture and modern Christians often have a hard time staying connected with the rhythms of nature and the seasons, as many live in urban, artificial environments.

Secondly, because of

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