Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

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Being able to have a sense of humor during some serious moments can definitely lighten up the mood. You can pull all the pranks you want against your friends any time you but keep in mind, that revenge pranks are all too real! If you pull some of these that were about to mention, you better be watching your back! From deodorant surprises, to making someone’s morning just a tad be tougher, here are 17 funny pranks to pull on your friends!

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13. Cotton Ball Car
This prank will likely work on a cold night and not many people realize that cotton will stick to just about anything on a cold night. A good time to possibly try this one would be on a snowy day because they’ll likely at first thing it’s just a normal snow day where they gotta wipe the snow off. No word on how easy it is to get cotton off of someones car once it’s wet but i guess they’ll have to find out, won’t they! We’re sure they’ll learn their lesson

12 Brown E’s
If you’re looking for a cheap way to get your friends to come over and then have them get mad at you for lying to them, would be to make them a bunch of brownies! What’s so bad about that? Are you putting things in the brownies or something? How could that be a prank you ask? It turns out that you were talking about the brown E’s and not brownies! Brownies aren’t always the healthiest thing to eat so why not make your favorite vowel a reason for celebration! Most people have an e in their name somewhere right!?

11. Rainy Day Rainbows
Feel like making someone’s day just a little bit more colorful and possibly bring them harm at the same time while they’re driving? Well here’s a great way to do it! Start by placing some acrylic paint underneath the person’s windshield wipers, preferably the passenger’s side. starting with the red on outside part of the wiper to ensure the red comes out on top. Place the other colors in order and with a single wipe, you’ll get an instant rainbow! At least if they crash, they should feel little bit better because it was because of a rainbow.

10. The Ole Bathroom Switcheroo
If there’s only one bathroom at your office you can’t really pull this off but if you got two, and you want prank some new people, this one should be kind of funny! If the bathroom doesn’t specifically assume gender by assigning a name to the identification, you can just slightly alter the sign to get some good laughs. Just find some black duct tape and make a little skirt out of it! Show how gender fluid that bathroom person truly is! Give the bathroom guy a little makeover and now it’s a girls bathroom! The new girl at the office might get a little embarrassing surprise as she walks into a room that mysteriously has urinals! It can even work well in public places and just wreak havoc of gender norms across the country!

9. Fake Snake
Think of all the crazy things you could do with a rubber snake! This one should be pretty easy and there are many creative ways to put these fake snakes to good use! Maybe if you got a friend who works at a grocery store or if it’s a slow day and you work at one, consider pulling off a prank like this! Put the snake in some lettuce like you see in this photo and watch an unsuspecting shopper lose their cool! Make you sure you catch it on video though and you’re holding your phone the right way! Hopefully people can just have a sense of humor about the incident and not ask for the manager!

8. Ghost in the Bathroom
Have you ever felt like someone was taking just a little bit too much time in the bathroom. Maybe it was just a prank the entire time! How long would it take for you to actually mention something before you started to get worried about their business? One hour? Two hours? Sometimes people take longer than others, but we imagine if no one was responding, they’d open it up eventually!

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