Freedom of religion is worth fighting for in Europe, says Angela Merkel

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Freedom of religion in Europe is worth fighting for, alongside freedom of speech and freedom to travel, according to German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Many people in the past have taken the EU and its advantages for granted — such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to travel, she said.

‘You don’t have all this in many parts of the world. And that’s why it is worth fighting for this Europe,’ added Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends official opening of Brainlab headquarters in Munich, GermanyReuters

‘That’s why one of our election placards is saying: If Europe is stronger, then Germany will be stronger. This is directly related.’ 

Merkel told voters on Saturday that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and France’s election of President Emmanuel Macron had changed her view on the bloc, and said it was worth fighting

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