Free Meek Mill

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The rapper Meek Mill has just been sentenced to two to four years in prison because a judge decided he had violated his parole and was “thumbing [his] nose at the court.” The sentence, made possible by a 10-year-old probation status, illustrates the need not just for sentencing reform but for a reckoning with overcriminalization and the aggressive enforcement of petty laws.

Mill, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in 2008 after being convicted on drug and gun possession charges and was released in early 2009 with a five-year probation order. That was extended another five years because Mill, horror of horrors, left the state of Pennsylvania to perform at shows.

Drug and gun charges are often seen in tandem, because drug prohibition means those involved in the trade don’t have access to a legal dispute-resolution system, forcing them to rely on their ability

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