Former witch and drug abuser is unrecognizable after giving her life to Christ

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Christian Today

Beth Eckert(Instagram/Beth Eckert)

Beth Eckert was once the picture of darkness as a committed witch and psychedelic drug abuser. Today she is a beautiful woman of God after finding the truth in Jesus Christ.

Beth grew up in the Mormon church and remembers being a little girl who loved God and had a relationship with Him.  ‘His love was real to me, and the most important thing to me,’ she writes on her blog

But she would ‘soon learn how difficult holding on to that love would become.’ Her experience in the Mormon church was not a good one and she even claims to have received hours of training as a child that focused on punishment and ‘ritual abuse’ so she grew up believing God had ‘abandoned’ her. 

By the age of 13, Beth was severely depressed and suicidal.  Then at the age of 14, she found herself in a

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