FORGOTTEN Advanced Ancient Technology

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From mysterious possible techniques used for cutting massive stones, to the first steam engine created in egypt, here are forgotten advanced ancient technologies.

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5. The Ancient Egyptian Glider

This small wooden object also known as the Saqqara Bird was found near the city of Saqqara, Egypt in 1898, 5 years before the invention of the airplane. This was believed to be a sacred object since the god Horus takes the form of a falcon. This glider make many historians wonder if the ancient Egyptians designed the first flying aircraft. A replica model was tested and it flew quite well surprising many. However, many archeologists refuse to accept the fact that it may have been used to transport humans.

4. The Aeolipile
Would you believe it if we told you that ancient civilizations could have already had prior knowledge of simple steam powered engines? Well it’s true and who knows what they were able to do with it. The first steam powered device was described in Roman occupied egypt around the 1st century BC and many will credit the Hero of Alexandria for the invention. Water was heated up in the device which would be then be pumped through different nozzles making it spin at high speeds. Classrooms have found this to be a fun experiment but this invention was far ahead of its time. Although it didn’t really have any practical uses, some would put these in various temples and claim it as the work of gods.

3. First Vending Machine
The steam engine isn’t the only thing the hero of Alexandria came up with. Although in modern times, vending machines can sell anything from live crabs to women’s underwear, ancient vending machines basically just dispensed holy water! Someone must have been getting rich! According the the smithsonian, the first vending machine would contain a slot the same size as a standard roman coin. When the metal coin would drop, the weight would cause a metal lever to drop and dispense water. Some claim it might have even been used in ancient greek temples. Strangely enough this technology wouldn’t reappear until the 1500’s in England

2. The Sound Chamber of Malta
Just south of the island of sicily is where we’ll find the 10th smallest country in the world. For it’s tiny size of only 122 square miles, consisting of 3 islands, it has possibly more history per square inch than any other country. It’s also home to a very mysterious place that’s well known for its acoustic properties. Also known as the Hypogeum, it has quite a bit of significance due to the way it can drastically amplify someone’s voice. Even if you were whispering, someone from the other room can hear what your saying! Some even claim that you can feel the vibration of the voices move through your body. It was considered to be a very holy place during the time it was constructed and archaelogists were able to find over 7000 people buried at this location.

1.Mysterious Stone Cutting Techniques
We mentioned earlier how ancients might have used lasers to cut stone and although it’s not scientifically proven it does make you wonder. How were ancient civilizations able to cut through extremely tough rocks such as granite. How was this large chunk of stone for example which needs a crane to lift it, be cut with simple stone chisiles Being able to cut massive stones like this and even drill holes like we see in this photo with no metal tools really seems to be implausible. Granite is made up of various tough stones including quartz and weaker stones. But if you look closely at the way some stones are cut, it seems to go directly through the quartz as if it weren’t any different, creating a smooth surface. As far fetched as it might sound, we see plenty of golden disks recovered by the incas, as various crystals that can magnify the sun. Experiments were done that showed how smoothly rock could be cut with a 100 watt laser if it was focused

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