Finsbury Park: Terror strikes again. And we shouldn’t call it anything else

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The attack on worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque is just as appalling as the attack on passers-by on Westminster Bridge, concert-goers at the Manchester Arena and evening drinkers in Borough Market.

No less, no more. Terror is terror. Murder is murder.

You wouldn’t think that such sentences needed to be written, but they do.

Police officers walk behind cordon tape at the scene of the Finsbury Park mosque attack.Reuters

The man who appears to have used his van as a weapon, leaving one person dead and at least 10 wounded, is reported to have screamed: ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims’ and ‘I’d do it again.’ He has been taken into custody having been rescued from a vengeful mob by an imam, Mohammed Mahmoud. His mental state will be assessed by professionals who will decide whether he was sick or just wicked.

Whatever their decision about his potential culpability in

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