FCC Vote Isn’t the End of Net Neutrality, But It’s a Good First Step

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RICHARD B. LEVINE/NewscomWith a party-line vote Thursday, the commissioners of the FCC took the first step in what will be a months-long process to repeal Obama-era rules categorizing internet service providers as common carriers subject to federal regulations written in the 1920s.

It’s not the end of the debate over net neutrality, and it’s not the end of federal regulations for the internet. Instead, this is a first step towards eliminating a nonsensical legal justification for giving the FCC the authority to regulate internet service providers in the first place.

Technically, Thursday’s vote did nothing more than open a period of public comment on reversing two legal claims, made in 2010 and 2015, that expanded the FCC’s authority to regulate ISPs. After the public comment period closes, the FCC will be able to vote on revering those claims and effectively undoing the strained logic that the Obama administration used to

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