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FASTEST Police Vehicles

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The police need to keep up with criminals on the run and while breakers of the law can afford luxury automobiles, the police want their vehicles to go a bit faster than the bad guys. Let’s see people try to outrun a huey helicopter or even a lamborghini Gallardo! From cars you would expect to sitting in the garage of a celebrity, to stardard police vehicles here in the US here are the fasted police vehicles.

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6.Audi A6 Police Car
You certainly won’t see any Audi police cars in the US but if you manage to make the trip all the way to Lithuania, you’ll probably come across a few. This police car found in the capital of vilnius utlizes state of the art german engineering to help with its duty of fighting crime. While audis might fairly more common in Europe to be used as a police car, the ones in lithuania are looking pretty fresh. The starting price for a brand new audi A6 is currently 58,900 dollars, has 335 horsepower and a 3 liter engine. The new design has caught a bit of attention but there hasn’t been too much details given out of the specs for the police version just yet. The country of Belgium is also known for using an audi a6 in their police fleet but these ones in lithuania seem much more up to date.

5.Alfa Romeo 159 Italia
Italy seems to have some of the best police cars in Europe and it would be much more common to see an alfa romeo 159 than a Lamborghini. These alfa romeros are heavily modified and even fitted with armor protection in the never ending battle against crime. It’s earned the nickname of Pantera or the Panther and are now slowly replacing the fleet of fiats that are more commonly used there. The windshield and door glass are bullet proof and many of them were produced in 2006 but first made it’s introduction to the market in 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show. The 159 has been given multiple awards for its design and was even featured in a James Bond chase scene during the film Quantum of Solace. The civilian version can hit a max speed of 146 miles an hour but the police versions might be a little bit quicker. Poland also uses the 159 in their fleet but mainly used by the italians

4.Mercedes Police Car
You won’t get pulled over for speeding on the autobahn but if you commit some crimes in Germany, you might get pulled over by the Mercedes V8 biturbo AMG class. There are a lot of fast vehicles in the country of Germany, so being able to keep up with the bad guys is going to something the police here have to deal with. Depending on the model, these babies can go for 170,000 dollars, sport a 603 horsepower and can go from zero to 60 in just 3.4 seconds. The engines are handcrafted and== are made of Diecast alloy block and zirconium heads. This one here is only sporting 2 doors which might help it go faster but it lacks room to put any suspects in the back seat. It can likely hit a top speed of nearly 200 miles an hour. This certainly gives police an upper hand since the majority of vehicles in italy are scooters.

3.UH-1 Helicopter
With the surplus of military vehicles, it makes more sense for those to get some use by the police right? They seem to be able to get away with it by labeling them as donations, and here you see a case where a military grade helicopter conducting a search and rescue operation that was donated to the Milford Connecticut police in 2011, along with some M-16 and MRAP’s. This former army helicopter was given a new paint job. This helicopter is worth about a million dollars. It’s now equipped with a spotlight for catching bad guys at night. This was “donated” to a city with 52,000 people and a crime rate 68 percent lower than the rest of Connecticut. Police claim that criminals have changed and they need this kind of step to stay one step ahead of the game.

2.Lykan Hypersport
The lykan hypersport is produced in the supercar capital of the world, Dubai, United Arab emirates and they even got some of these vehicles being used for police patrol. It might seem cool, but could you imagine getting pulled over by this red, black and white Lykan Hypersport that you see in this photo? It’s the 3rd most expensive production car at the moment and even has jewels embedded into the headlights, containing LED blades with 420 Diamonds. It’s so fancy that it even has gold stitching on the seats. It utilizes a 3.7 litre twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that’s produced by Ruf Autom obile. It produces 780 horsepower. The top speed reaches 245 miles an hour which means you better avoid a high speed pursuit in Dubai. It can go from 0 to 60 in only 2.8 second.


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