Facts That Will Make You QUESTION Reality

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7. Assassin Bug
This vile Assassin Bug is just a complete savage, end of story. Anything that carries around the what’s leftover of its enemies is not something you want to mess with. That’s basically what it’s doing in this photo. There’s over 20 ants on its back.This bug injects its victims with lethal saliva that liquefies the internal organs of its enemy. They love feasting on cockroaches when they get the chance. It’s also extremely dangerous to humans mainly because they carry chagas disease and they do tend to bite people in the face as well. Chances are you won’t be too pretty after this thing gets to you!

6. Human DNA & Bananas
Would you believe that more than half of our DNA and genetic material is shared with Bananas! If you’re eating a banana right now, you might as well consider yourself to be a 60 percent bloodthirsty cannibal. Ever since the human genome was first sequenced in 2003, comparative genomics has shown that we have a lot in common with this potassium rich fruit as well as other things that might surprise you. Things known as housekeeping genes are needed in many organisms for basic celluar function and are shared by many different animals. However, bananas contain more similar DNA than many other foods.

5. The McRib
Is this sloppy sandwich actually made from actual meat? Or some type of edible concoction that’s made in a laboratory or even by aliens?!..Theres are over 70 different ingredients in this thing. Some that may surprise you. Parts like Pig Hearts, tripe and scalded stomach are found in the meat and then some other crazy chemicals to top it off. There azodicarbonamide, ammonium sulfate, and other hard words to pronounce, so you get the point. It almost seems like it could be made from every part of the pig except the ribs! It’s intentionally shaped like that to fool consumers. The pork meat is apparently chopped up and then formed into that shape which takes about 45 minutes for each slab. Some rumors out there claimed that the mcrib actually contained meat from kangaroos but that’s not the case.. Or is it! Despite all it’s mysteries, it remains a crowd favorite and there’s even a website called the mcrib locator that allows you to track the closest Mcdonald’s location selling the McRib!

4. Surinam Toad
Found deep within the swamps of the amazon and french guinea is a trypophobe’s worst nightmare. This is what’s known as a common suriname toad and little baby toads literally pop out of the mother’s back from little holes. The mom releases 3-10 eggs which are imbedded into the skin. As the eggs continue to grow the little babies spring forward coming out in a very peculiar fashion. This is the stuff nightmares are made from and you might have already started gagging at this point. Still don’t have Trypophobia? Ok ok,,,

3. Turtle Out Of Shell
We always imagine turtles being covered inside a sturdy protective shell but what do you think it might look like without one? You’d probably have to photoshop in order to create the image, right? Wrong! This turtle who shares a similar resemblance to a mutated pizza, is actually what’s known as a hideous soft shell turtle which lives in Indonesia. This strange creature only has to breathe every 12 hours!

2. Trapped Inside a Mouse
This one hasn’t gone wrong yet but it certainly has the potential to! Researchers at the Salk Institute at La Jolla institute have found away to have human brain cells inside the head of a mouse! Imagine what mice could be capable of with the same intelligence of humans! They do this by injecting embryonic human brain cells into the brains of fetal mice while their still inside the womb. This took place in 2005 and was a success. They were able to create mice with human brain cells inside their skull. A bout 100,000 human brain cells were injected and it seems to show that human stem cells can interact in various environments! They claim that the mice’s behavior didn’t change too much, but you have to wonder, what’s going on inside its head! Could this be the mouse from the pinky and the brain cartoon show?


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