Elementary School Art Panic: New at Reason

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Administrators at a Utah elementary school fired an art teacher for circulating classical painting postcards in his class, a few of them displaying nude figures. The police got involved, Lindsay Marchello writes.

Some students were okay with the classical nude paintings, but a few others expressed discomfort and approached Rueda about the cards. He promptly removed them and discussed the issue with his students.

A few days later Rueda learned that some parents had complained to the school and someone even called the police, alleging the art teacher had shown his students pornography. Police called aff the investigation after prosecutors determined the images were not pornographic.

School administrators initially suspended Rueda for a few days, but then sent him a termination letter. “In a Friday meeting, they gave me two choices: to resign, accepting their terms of my alleged wrongdoing (eliminating any possibility to voice my opinion in the

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