Elections matter. So does resistance.

Elections matter.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, few if any of the domestic and foreign policies that are emerging from the Trump White House would even have been conceivable.

The dissing of Mexico — and Mexicans. The promise/threat of The Wall. Dramatically stepped-up immigration enforcement, with more to come. The abandonment of a humane comprehensive immigration reform idea once widely supported by members of both parties, including Republican presidents. And the trickle-down effects of meanness on the one hand and fear on the other.

The ban on immigration from seven mainly Muslim nations. The blockade on Syrian refugees. The ban on even green card holders, currently suspended in litigation. The trickle-down effect of enhanced Islamophobia on the one hand and fear on the other.

The law-and-order platform, including the overall dismissal of concerns about excessive use of police force toward African-Americans and other non-white people. The nomination and confirmation

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