East Africa crisis ‘worst in our generation’ warns Christian Aid

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Christian humanitarian charities are warning the East Africa famine is the worst crisis in a generation as they plead for more funds.

Half the population of South Sudan are now in desperate need of food and violent conflict has forced millions to flee their homes and land. They have joined millions more across Kenya and Ethiopia after persistent drought and poor rains have caused harvests to fail, water sources to dry up, and cattle – a crucial life-source – to die in their thousands.

With 20 million people at risk of famine and a funding shortfall of nearly £150 million, Christian Aid and other members of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) are begging for more resources.

Five-year-old twin sisters Nyadiet Rok Magoak and Nyaboth Rok Magoak, at a nutrition centre in the Duong health clinic, run by a local NGO.Andreea Campeanu/DEC

‘In terms of scale and intensity, this is the

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