Drug Users In D.C. Can Now Legally Test Their Dope for Fentanyl. Now How About Over-the-Counter Naloxonoe?

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A fentanyl testing kit made by SirchieIn an emergency measure passed unanimously yesterday, the D.C. City Council voted to amend the Drug Paraphernalia Act of 1982 “to allow the use of testing kits for specified purposes.”

Portable drug testing kits, in which a reagent solution changes color based on the presence of certain compounds, are the cheapest and easiest way for non-medical users to figure out if their heroin contains fentanyl, if their MDMA contains PMA, etc. This site sells a box of 10 fentanyl test kits for only $15 (but only to cops).

D.C.’s temporary repeal of the ban on drug testing kits will “allow syringe exchanges and community organizations to provide drug checking kits to help their clients detect fentanyl to prevent fatal overdoses,” according to an email from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA).

If Mayor Muriel Bowser signs off, the repeal will be in effect for 90

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