Don’t Worry, Oregonians: Most of You Are Still Banned from Pumping Your Own Gas

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MinervaStudio / Dreamstime.comDid you hear that you can finally pump your own gas in Oregon? And people are freaking out about it?

In reality, most people still can’t pump their own gas in Oregon, and it’s not actually clear how much people are freaking out about it. But it makes for viral news stories mocking people’s online behavior.

At the start of the new year, a law went into effect that permits some people in Oregon under some circumstances to pump their own gas rather than waiting for a gas station employee to do it for them. Oregon and New Jersey are, infamously, the only states mandating by law that gas stations employ people to pump fuel.

Oregon passed legislation loosening the rules back in May, and the change finally went into effect on January 1. KTVL News in Medford, Oregon, posted about the change on Facebook and asked people

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