Does religion really do more harm than good?

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Talking religion may be seen as a no-go area for dinner parties but when it comes to surveys, people seem much more forthcoming.

According to a new one from Ipsos MORI, 17,000 people across 23 countries are divided on religion’s impact on the world, but closer to home a more negative view is prevalent.


Six out of 10 Britons think religion does more harm than good, a reflection of views long-held by the so-called new atheists, such as the late Christopher Hitchens, who claimed ‘religion poisons everything’.

According to Hitchens, war, terrorism, poverty, and an array of other evils preying on society can be laid at the door of religion.

And Sam Harris in his book The End of Faith states that religion is ‘the most prolific source of violence in our history’.

But the historical facts tell a different story. According to historians Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod, religious

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