DIY church: It’s beautifully ramshackle, but it works

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It was driving past The Bull and Gate pub in North London that did it. Because no longer was it the archetypal dodgy music boozer. Instead it’s a gastro pub and it is as if all those gigs and good times never happened.

I’ve got an interest to declare. Back in the ’80s I was obsessed with music. I read about it, talked about it and sang in a band. Didn’t we all!

Bull and Gate

It was an odd time in a way. The post New Wave generation really went for it. Music venues sprang up, although they were in pretty rough areas. Bands put out singles and the radio played them – sometimes.

It was all fuelled by a new journalism that championed the underdog and used a lot of the terminology you’d find on English Literature degrees at new universities. It was a thriving scene and I

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