Disinvited again: You, sir, are simply intolerable

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Religion News Service

A few weeks ago I was disinvited again.

To be disinvited is (or ought to be) a rather rare privilege. It happens when first you are eagerly invited to do something, like give a speech or write a book chapter. You say yes. You hold the date on the calendar, do some preparation, decline other invitations.

Then, some time later the invitation is suddenly withdrawn. The event will go on, but it turns out that you are no longer welcome. Something has shifted about you, or about whoever invited you, that now makes your presence a problem.

To not be invited somewhere in the first place, that’s no problem. No one has a right to a speaking or writing invitation.

To be invited and then disinvited by the same group, that’s special.

This particular disinvitation was not the first I have received, I assure you. But it was one of the most surprising.

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