Detroit Cops Posing As Drug Dealers Brawl With Colleagues Posing As Customers

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WikipediaLast week in Detroit, undercover cops posing as drug dealers got into a public brawl with undercover cops posing as drug buyers. WJBK, the local Fox station, calls the fight, which involved drawn guns, flying fists, and at least two dozen officers, “a case of the good guys going after the good guys.” The description is debatable.

The fake drug dealers, who were from the city’s 12th Precinct, planned to arrest anyone who approached them and seize their vehicles—actions that would rightly be recognized as assault, kidnapping, and theft but for the warped moral logic of the war on drugs. The fake drug buyers, who were from the 11th Precinct, planned to arrest people for agreeing to the consensual exchange of merchandise for money. They ordered the other cops to the ground, at which point the two officers from the 12th Precinct must have realized they had mistaken colleagues for

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