Deregulatory Successes Point to Direction for Trump Administration: New at Reason

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Slowing the flood of new rules and rolling back old ones keep some Americans in the president’s corner (including a few who like other federal interventions just fine), writes J.D. Tuccille:

Even as CNN talking heads remain in shock that Donald Trump is actually president, and the man himself apparently sees social media as a means to go full drunk-uncle on an international scale, millions of Americans continue to support the current resident of the White House. FiveThirtyEight has Trump’s approval ratings at 38.8 percent as I write, and an insight into why many Americans continue to put their faith in this president landed last week in the form of a Washington Post article on the relief felt by Iowa farmers over the Trump administration’s push to roll back much-resented regulatory red tape.

“Obama set aside millions of acres of undeveloped land as national monuments—more than any other

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