Dear Christians, If You Vote For A Godless Man, You Are Asking For Tyranny

We’ve long been suffering under incompetent and corrupt leadership, but we deserve no sympathy. We are not victims. Despite what we say about the “rigged” system, the truth is that we have this sort of government because we chose this sort of government. It’s really that simple. We flock to the polls and put morally bankrupt people in charge, and now we are morally (and financially) bankrupt nation. This ain’t calculus. It’s very straightforward. Don’t want tyranny? Stop electing tyrants.

My radical theory is that we should TRY as best we can to elect God fearing, morally centered leaders. Yes, you never know if someone is really a snake in the grass, but at the very least we should avoid supporting people who practically advertise their self-idolization.

I know this message will not resonate with secularists and atheists. But Christians ought to all agree. We Christians should do our very…

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