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DEADLIEST Things In China

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There are a lot of things in China that might give you an upset stomach, and we’re not just talking about their food. Due to their rapid modernization, more cars are on the streets than ever before and in the big cities, people are looking to make a yuan as fast as they can. As the country continues to expand their territory in provinces like tibet, more and more chinese people from the east are flooding in and making things look more like China. From the military who deals with protesters to the wild animals that attack villagers, here are the deadliest things in china.

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Apparently, china thinks the Uyghurs are dangerous people in the country and stories of unfair treatment towards them has emerged in recent years. Located directly in the middle of Asia, this large city with over 3 million people is extremely far away from any ocean and planning a beach trip while living here would certainly prove to be extremely difficult. It currently holds the guinness record for being the most remote city from any sea in the world. It was an important stopping ground for traders who where travelling along the silk road. Although it’s officially a city in China, its isolation allows for people to hold their own religious beliefs. A large number of the population about 25 percent here is muslim which is practice by the uyghur people who are often persecuted in China. Some state that there are up to a million uyghurs in some form of detention camp and are brainwashed into chinese nationalism, speak chinese and denounce their religion. In any case, it seems like a tough place to live and it’s far from many other large international cities. So there aren’t too many places for the uyghurs to run to.

4.Type 99 Third Generation MBT
China understands the importance of producing a main battle tank in order to protect their troops that head into battle. Tanks can often serve multiple purposes and help protect infantry units from small arms fire and other various projectiles. The new prototype that’s being made the 99A is dressed with modern digital camouflage and it’s the chinese response to the armata Russian tanks. The type 99a features upgraded armors, a commander’s periscope, and explosive reactive armor. The 1200 hp was replaced with a 1500 hp engine and it also features a hunter killer fire control system that can track its targets. With the thermal vision and controlled lock on aiming, it can spot a target from 5 kilometers away. Weighing in at 58 tons, it’s more lightweight than some of the tanks on this list but maintains the smooth barrel design, allowing the cannon to fire various ammunitions effectively. Much about this tank still remains classified since China doesn’t want to give away all their secrets.

China has a lot of people, a lot of mountains and enough seismic activity to cause massive avalanches and mudslides. One of China’s biggest earthquakes took place in 2008 in the Sichuan province, in the city of Beichuan China measuring in at 8 on the Richter scale. Aftershocks could be felt as far away as Beijing and shanghai. Much of the buildings weren’t meant to withstand the powerful quake and many victims were forced to abandon the city.
With China being located where the continent of Asia and the subcontinent of india collide, there is bound to be quite a bit of seismic activity going on in this region of the country. Many people in tibet will suffer the consequences of massive avalanches or glacial shifts.

2.King Cobras
You probably wouldn’t see king cobras slithering around everywhere in China, but in the southern part of the country, these can be extremely dangerous. King cobras inhabit various parts of southeastern asia including india, bangladesh, singapore, Vietnam but also in regions like tibet, hainan island and the guangdong province. This carnivore is the longest venomous snake and a full grown King Cobra can stand up and look a 6 foot human in the eye reach a total length of 18 feet of 5.5 meters . When they a feel a threat is close by, they flare up their hood and give off a gut wrenching hiss. Although their venom is not extremely powerful, they are able to administer a neurotoxic poison and a large amount of it, which is enough to be lethal to 20 to adult humans.


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