CRAZY Things Owned by Dubai Royalty

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Dubai is already known for being one of the richest places on earth so it might interesting to see how some of the richest people in this part of the earth are living it up. They got vehicles that would make some armies across the world jealous and some other stuff that you wish you could own. From insane speedboats that can nearly reach 200 miles an hour, to luxury tanks, here are things owned by dubai royalty

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6. The Best Camel
If you’re the prince of a middle eastern country, only the finest camels will do. In the country where camel races reign supreme, it only seems fit that dubai royalty owns the fastest one. We’ve seen from previous videos how dubai has been able to clone camels for pharmaceutical reasons and also for racing reasons and possibly for beauty? The Dubai prince reportedly owns a 2.7 million dollar camel that actually won a beauty contest! Out of 17,000 camels, this one was chosen as the best! Camels are big part of their heritage and it’s likely that he owns a harem of beautiful camels at the palace. Camel races can get pretty intense in this country and although dubai doesn’t support gambling, you gotta believe there is some dirhams on these meet ups. Some claim this is the richest sport in the world with casual players often being worth over 10 million dollars. They’ve began adding robot jockeys as an interesting way to mix it up.

5. Azzam
They’re not just selling oil in the UAE, they’re burning it! And the title of the world’s biggest yacht as of 2017 goes to the Azzam that measures an astounding 590 feet long, almost twice the size of a football field! It’s also the fastest yacht in the world . Since it is the personal yacht of the president of the United Arab Emirates, it’s actually equipped with its own missile defense system and a getaway submarine! Once you become president of your own country that has a lot of oil, you can consider getting something like this! It’s powered with a 94,000 horsepower engine and can reach a knot speed of 31 in water 60 feet deep. There must be some wild parties going on on this yacht!

4. Amphibious Cars
The Python is a vehicle that can drive about 80 miles an hour on land and 45 miles an hour on water which would almost make it great vehicle for the zombie apocalypse! We can get a good idea of what these look like by visiting the watercar website. They often resemble an offroad jeep on the land and a vehicle that’s about to sink while in water! The company watercar made it their personal challenge to build the fastest amphibious vehicle in the world and they set a record in 2010 for amphibious speed with their python model, which is owned by the prince Fazza. He doesn’t just have one though! He’s got six of these extreme vehicles! Each one costs about 150 thousand dollars so times that by six and he spent 800,000 dollars! Seems like a reasonable investment in case the apocalypse breaks out!

3. Ripsaw Luxury Tanks
You heard us right! Some of you might be curious why someone would need to buy a tank but the real question should be why not! Fazza also makes a fine choice in apocalyptic vehicles while choosing to buy a fleet of ripsaw luxury tanks! Although they were designed originally for the US military, these tracked vehicles have made it into the hands of private buyers for a pricetag of at least 500,000 each. They’re almost like lamborghinis on treads! They can go from 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds which is pretty good for a treaded vehicle. It’s unclear exactly which ripsaws he chose to go with but we can imagine it was the ripsaw EV2 which is a luxury version that has a max speed over 60 miles an hour and a 300 mile range. It’s primarily faster than most military tanks due to the fact that it lacks all the heavy armor.

2. Racing Horses
As it appears from Fazza’s instagram, he’s also a big fan of horses and not just camels all the time. He owns a horse racing stable with plenty of thoroughbred champion horses. The stable was fairly modest at one point in time but over the years, it’s developed as one of the most state of the art horse racing facilities in the world. The horses he owns run regularly in races across the world including places like Ireland, France, German, Japan, Hong Kong and the US. Because of the royal family’s interest in horse racing, Dubai is now home to the Dubai world cup which has become an elite event each year. As breeding and possibly cloning technology continues to advance, it’s very possible that the horses will keep getting better as time goes by.


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