Christian TV and the teaching that comes straight from Hell

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The Giving of the Seven Bowls of Wrath, Revelation 16.Matthias Gerung, c. 1531

You will forgive a personal reference as we continue our look at what the book of Revelation has to say to us today. The reason there has been such a gap between Revelation 15 and today is not because it is a very difficult passage to look at, but rather because I have been in hospital for a couple of weeks – of which more later! However this is a hard chapter – not so much in terms of understanding, but in terms of accepting.

Again as in all of Revelation we need to remember that it is pictorial. Those who seek to find particular political events in the 21st century will be disappointed here. (Actually they might not. One reader wrote me and wanted to sue me because they had copyrighted Revelation 12.) But this is not a sane

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