Christian parents celebrate 4th birthday of little girl doctors didn’t think would survive even 7 months

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Christian Today

(Photo: Facebook/Brielle’s Story)

Ryan and Candace Burr know a thing or two about miracles.  When their baby Brielle turned six months old, they threw a party to celebrate because doctors told them their little girl wasn’t going to live to see her first birthday. 

But four years later, Brielle has done much better than her first birthday and her Christian parents tell they are optimistic she will ‘continue beating the odds.’

It really is a miracle Brielle has gotten this far.  She was born with Beare Stevenson syndrome, an extremely rare and life-threatening condition characterized by the fusion of skull bones and an abnormal face shape.  

On the day she was born, the Burrs were given the news that she would be lucky to live more than a few months. She needs a lot of care, including round-the-clock monitoring, oxygen and a ventilator to breathe, and nourishment through a feeding

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