Changing Climates in the World, Signs of the Times!

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on End Times Bible Prophecy

Commentary By:  Gordon King

September 2017 has been quite a month for disasters, and it has only just begun!

Record hurricanes in Texas and Florida, more hurricanes now forming, forest fires all across the West and the Pacific Northwest of the United States blanketing the skies with thick layers of cloud and ash, not to mention the 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico!  Not only was Mexico struck by a major earthquake which it has not experienced in over a century, but is still being hit with swarms of earthquakes in the same region.

We can talk about signs of the times which are caused by man, signs which are not only caused by man but refer to the ways of men and women in the end times, and it may not seem so significant to some.  However, when we talk about all of the signs occurring which are not

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