Celibacy and secrecy drive Catholic Church child abuse, report claims

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Enforced celibacy and secrecy are the major factors in why child abuse is so ;prevalent; in the Catholic Church around the world, a major new report claims.

Examining the findings of inquiries, police records and church reports since 1985, the study pointed to the patriarchal nature of Catholic establishments that means abuse can go unchallenged.

Pope Francis gives confessions to a member of the faithful during the penitential celebration in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican March 13, 2015.REUTERS

Mandatory celibacy was and is ‘the major precipitating risk factor for child sexual abuse’, the report says, and Popes and bishops had fostered a culture of secrecy that allowed abuse to continue.

‘The deep, dark history of clerical child sexual abuse has been found to exist in every corner of the Latin rite of the Catholic Church,’ the report says. ‘To attribute it solely to a series of personal failings of

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