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My friend, Scott Binsack touched on a subject last night during his nightly Facebook live feed that was deeply personal for him. Several years ago he had a near death experience that changed his life, and from which he drew inspiration that has redirected his understanding of what that life is supposed to be. During […]

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Evidence, Lawyers, Socrates and Jesus

The precedence for the following discussion is of weighty and important matter to us, not because it’s “religious” but because truth is always important. Atheist Lawyer Affirms Truthful Testimony was RenderedSimon Greenleaf was a great, Harvard, atheist lawyer who wrote a seminal work: “Treatise on the Law of Evidence” (3 vols., 1842–1853) which remained a […]

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In God We Trust

In God we trust. Seems simple enough. A quiet, abiding trust in the Almighty brings peace and comfort to over a billion people worldwide. Those words reside on American currency, pop up here and there, and until recently, nobody seemed to mind. Believers took solace in it, and non-believers didn’t mind, so long as the […]

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The Icy Waters of Delaware

The icy waters of the Delaware send us a modern message about Americans that ISIS has overlooked. The recent videos and audio from that group, including that smart-mouth boy with the British accent seems to elevate the terrorists over all things American, as if we were just a post script in history, a people with […]

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One a Statement…One a Video…Both a Joke

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Countdown…363 days (its a leap year) until Christmas 2016…wish it was here as it will be Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s last Christmas as president and will be the last time he’ll be able to jet off to Hawaii on our taxpayer dime. Now […]

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Whatever Happened to Mary?

Whatever happened to Mary? If you want to start an intense debate among Christians, just bring up Mary. Her position in the great cosmic story of salvation has been elevated, and minimized accordingly, depending upon which theologian is commenting at the time. As Catholics repeat the “Hail Mary,” Baptists pray that she’ll just go away. […]

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Politics and Christmas Past

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on It is difficult to escape the political undertow in today’s world. Politics is in play in everything we do, from our daily routines to events half way around the world. Our schools, our streets and roads…regulations imposed on everything from our businesses […]

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A Politically Correct Christmas is NOT Christmas

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots /’s note: This piece first ran in 2013 but has been updated.)  Soon it will be Christmas…the day when believers worldwide celebrate the birth of one small child who forever changed the course of humanity. Usually on this holy day we hope for […]

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