Can we ever understand the deep suffering of the children of Mosul?

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An Iraqi special forces soldier carries a woman injured during a battle between Iraqi forces and Islamic StateReuters

Maybe we’ll never truly understand what some of Mosul’s children have been through.

A few days ago, I was able to travel into the city and see some of the destruction for myself. Buildings are reduced to rubble and the streets are deserted. There’s so little left – hardly any electricity or running water, let alone schools or hospitals – that it almost feels like starting from scratch.

Many of the images on our TV screens have shown dramatic battles, noisy gunfire and plumes of smoke rising into the sky. But the Mosul I saw this week was eerily quiet – and no place, at least yet, for children to return to.

It’s not just buildings that have been destroyed; children’s lives have been torn apart too. The families we’re supporting in

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