Can Life Exist in Chernobyl?

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The population of the Chernobyl exclusion zone is no longer 0 and it’s believed that 119 people have began living in this restricted zone. Arguably the worst nuclear disaster of all time took place in the near the Soviet town of Pripyat and the land here will never be the same. This was classified as a class 7 nuclear disaster and no one saw this coming until it was too late. But if it’s really so excluded, how does google maps have a bunch of media on this place and how are animals slowly starting to thrive once again. And those 119 people? How are they possibly living healthy lives? And could feral people still be living among the animals. From the self settlers who call this forsaken land home to the dogs that still roam the powerplant, Can Life Exist in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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4.Exclusion Zone of Google Maps
Possibly the most effective way to explore what’s left from in this isolated part of the world is through google maps and you don’t haave to worry about getting attacked by a radioactive bear! It even gives you access at ground zero in the control station where the big mistake was likely made. These people aren’t even covering their faces with with gas mask or anything! Did google start using self control robot cars with cameras or something? A majority of the roads here in this region can be used to explore the wreckage digitally and we can even see here how a drove was flown over the iconic ferris wheel. Also known as Hotel Polissia, this spot is pretty easy to check out on google maps and get an eerie vibe from it. It was once in the heart of the city, it would commonly house scientists and nuclear experts researching the powerplant, which ironically brought an end to the hotel business here. If you’re crazy enough to come to pripyat, this hotel will certainly be on the tour guide. We wouldn’t suggest staying the night here though. Yelp reviews say it might be a little out of date and maids never come by any more. What did google maps decide to censor here? Possibly a radioactive 20 foot tall mutant? Who Knows

3.Dogs Of Chernobyl
Back people once lived in this former soviet utopia, they would they have their best friends or dogs living her with them as a family pet or whatever reason. Dogs are typically with us from thick and thin but when a nuclear meltdown takes place it’s not always easy to plan on having to bring your pet with you. The soviets demanded that everyone was to leave their pets behind as the evacuation took place The chernobyl exclusion zone used to be home to a total of about 120,000 people and many pet dogs. There are an estimated 250 dogs who currently roam the power plant itself, all of which are descendants of pripyat pets. We mean literally, at the powerplant facility! They’ve been able to breed throughout generations in a radioactive environment which are often known to decrease fertility. Many other dogs can be found roaming around the woods and the abandoned towns. Another 225 dogs live in the Chernobyl city center who’ve resorted back to their wild ways but still rely on the occasional scraps from the workers there. Many are reported to have rabies though so probably smart not to pet them. There is currently a go fund page to help feed, neuter and vaccinate the stray dogs here. There are probably some cats here too but whatever

2.What Would Life Be Like Here?
The people that are moving back to this forsaken land tend to have some connection to as do the dogs who roam the land. They feel as though the slight radioactivity isn’t enough for them to totally abandoned the land that they’re ancestors grew up on. The BBC sent some reporters here to document a little information about their life and they were surprising. Some of the people would tell you the cold weather is more dangerous but of course they could be sugarcoating the elephant in the room. The self settlers have access to a decent amount of amenities such as gas, electricity, cell phones however, their main problem is drinking water. Substantial groundwater contamination is one of the main concerns for these people. Rainwater was once able to seep through the sarcophagus, through the hazardous material and into the ground. As scientists noticed this, they made reparations to the tomb but not without doing it’s damage. The people who live here claim to boil all the water they get from the well. In any case, it turns out rent prices here are pretty cheap and if tourism continues to boom, the people could start making some good money if they open up a bed and breakfast!


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