Brown University Students: Free Markets, Free Speech Enable ‘White Supremacist and Fascist Ideas’

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Hit and Run Reason

Conservative writer Guy Benson gave a talk at Brown last night, to the disappointment of student-activists who had released a statement opposing his presence.

The students declared that Benson, an editor at Townhall and co-author of End of Discussion, a book about leftist hostility to free speech, is a supporter of “fiscal conservatism and free market ideology,” which “enable white supremacist and fascist ideas.”

In defense of their position, the students cited a Salon article about the left’s current favorite subject: the horrors of “neoliberalism.” For the past year, I’ve been tailing student activists and parsing their belief system, and I can indeed testify to the fact that passionate opposition to neoliberalism is one of their main ideological positions. The meaning of neoliberalism shifts around a lot, but lately it has often meant moderate Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton—or Jonathan Chait and Vox—who they regard as little better

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