Bishop of Manchester: Government, not poorest, should bear burden of Universal Credit failures

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The Bishop of Manchester is calling on the government to guarantee a maximum four-week waiting time for Universal Credit claimants as pressure piles on ministers to pause the benefit system rollout.

David Walker told Christian Today the government should pick up the burden for delays in the process rather forcing vulnerable people to rely on food banks and loan sharks as he urged ministers to abandon the six-week average waiting period.

David Walker is Bishop of Manchester and a long-term critic of universal credit’s rollout, which has been underway since 2012.

The comments will add to pressure on ministers to reform the system as two local councils in south London, where Universal Credit is being piloted, published reports warning it would have devastating effects if rolled out across the country if drastic changes were not made.

Bishop Walker was speaking to Christian Today after the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu,

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